There have been many times that I have told people where I teach and I get a blank look.  Well, if you are one of those people, you can get your questions answered here.  I have created a brief overview of the different aspects of the colony as I see it.  I have learned so much in my few years teaching here but there is so much more that I still find surprising.  If you have questions after reading over this material, check out the Hutterite web sights.  I found may new interesting  pieces of information there.


The school contains two wings and a gym.  The English school wing has three general education classrooms along with a title, special education room, and a library.  There are four certified teachers and two uncertified teacher on staff.  The staff services thirty-seven students in grades kindergarten through eighth with no fifth graders.  School hours are from 9:00 to 3:30. 

Pouring the footings on the new school building.

This is the old school building.
After much updating it is now used as a house.

Progress on the new school building as of late July.


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Millbrook is one of the most technologically advanced and prosperous colonies in the area. These honest, hard working people operate several highly successful companies on their complex located near Mitchell, South Dakota. These include commercial feed production, poultry, farming, metal fabrication, a major machine shop, and, of course, the Hydronic Division which builds the Hydron Module   ground source heat pump. They have recently added a new building to their complex to accommodate the growing metal fabrication needs. Everything done at Millbrook is done with a great deal of pride and a strong desire to be the very best at whatever they do. Fairness and honesty are not just a way of doing business, but a way of life.

New Steel Fabrication Shop

Millbrook Colony Welcome Sign

Hydron Module building


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One of the newer houses at the colony

Kitchen, dinning hall, and church building.
View from the school house

Out for a stroll

The colony is full of hardworking individuals.  The men, fifteen years of old and older, work in the various industries.  The women take their turn cooking and baking, but are always responsible for cleaning, laundry, and child raising.  A day in the colony is full of routine and community.  The people eat together in a large dinning hall three times a day.   They attend short church services every evening with a longer service on Sunday. 

one of the newer triplexes at Millbrook

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A World Apart
Meet the people at the Spring Prairie Colony in Minnesota.  This sight covers every thing from Hutterite history to raising bees.  There are wonderfully vivid pictures to add to the sight.
The Hutterian Brethren (Hutterites) in North America
This is a more detailed sight explaining hutterite history, religion, education, industry, and the different types of hutterites. 
Riverview Hutterite Colony School
If you want the honest truth about hutterites you can get it here.  Students of the Riverview Hutterite Colony School did the majority of the writing on this sight.  There are a large number of wonderful photos that clearly capture the beauty of the hutterite people.

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