Conventions are the editing and revising component of writing.  Often this trait is taught throughout the six traits writing process.  Many people would say that this trait is the most time consuming of the six because of its depth and importance. 








Conventions Picture Books


Behind the Mask  by Ruth Heller

Write Up a Storm With the Polk Street School  by Patricia Reilly Giff

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  • Have a daily editing time.  Choose a sentence a paragraph or a section of a student written work. (ask the student's permission before using)  Use this as a time when the group's job is to make this piece as perfect as they can.  Have students reflect on how editing as a group is different than editing individually.
  • Introduce proofreading marks to students.  Have them use these marks on a sample paragraph in pen or marker.  Post these editing marks in the classroom for all to see and use. 
  • Individual conferencing is an excellent way to teach one on one editing.  When conferencing have a focus of one or two concepts for students to focus on and once those are mastered other concepts can be added. 
  • Partner editing can be very powerful if handled in a constructive manner.  Much can be learned between students.  Have them take what they learned about editing and apply that to peer editing.  Giving a checklist can give students added direction.

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